Colors (V2, Discord Only)

After the LogoliveryAI update, users of the ai-room-1-v2 and ai-room-2-v2 can choose the color in which a logo will be generated in addition to the text prompt. You can specify it using one of the following formats: RGB, HEX, or simply by stating the color in words (red, yellow, pink).

Firstly, choose one of these two channels: ai-room-1-v2 or ai-room-2-v2. Once you have chosen the channel, you can proceed as usual by selecting the /generate command. During the prompt input, press the Tab key to display the additional parameter color in your prompt. That’s how it looks:

It's quite simple: just write the prompt as you did before, and for the color input, choose the desired color and enter its name in the appropriate format: RGB, HEX, or using text (green, purple, etc). Note that if you leave the color field empty, the logo will be generated in the default black & white version.

Have any questions regarding this or other aspects of LogoliveryAI? Please reach out to our #support Discord channel, and we'll assist in resolving any issues you may have. Have a great day!

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