Parameters (V1, Discord Only)

After specifying the desired generation object, something like "cute cat", you can add parameters that determine the appearance of the final logo. All parameters are separated by commas when writing.

Parameters with individual degrees


Complexity - sets the complexity of the execution from the position of the designer.

Degrees: very simple, simple, medium, complex, very complex, super complex, hard, very hard.

prompt example: /generate prompt: , 


Symmetry - determines whether the image will be symmetrical, asymmetric, or two halves of the image will be mirrored.

Degrees: symmetry, asymmetry, inverted-symmetry.

prompt example: /generate prompt: , , 

Parameters with the same degrees

All options below have the same degrees: not, little, neutral, more, super, ideal.

Sharp and Rounded

Sharp and Rounded - mutually exclusive parameters that affect the shape of the logo. That is, a logo cannot be both round and angular at the same time. But there are also cases when the logo contains both a square and a circle, then both parameters have a degree - "neutral". Specifying both parameters is optional.

prompt example: /generate prompt: , , 

Friendly and Strict

Friendly and Strict - also mutually exclusive parameters that affect the style of the logo. Strict ones are more suitable for digital products and companies, while friendly ones are suitable for, for example, a children's clothing or toy store. There is also a neutral position, specifying both is optional.

prompt example: /generate prompt: , 

Tech and Antiqua

Tech and Antiqua - Everything is the same as strict and friendly, also affecting the style of the logo.

prompt example: /generate prompt: , 

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