Parameters (V2, Discord Only)

After specifying the desired generation object, something like "cute cat", you can add parameters that determine the appearance of the final logo. All parameters are separated by commas when writing.



Style - you can choose the style of logo generation.

Degrees: minimalistic, techy, outlined, hand-drawn, luxury, medieval, antique, stroke, processual, pixel.

prompt example: /generate prompt: yacht on the waves, minimalistic


Direction helps determine the direction for the logo.

Degrees: vertical, horizontal, diagonal.

prompt example: /generate prompt: snake, horizontal


Symmetry - determines whether the image will be symmetrical, asymmetric, or two halves of the image will be mirrored.

Degrees: symmetry, asymmetry, inverted-symmetry.

prompt example: /generate prompt: , , 


This set of parameters will help you choose the sharpness of the angles of the logo.

Degrees: neutral, rounded, strict.

prompt example: /generate prompt: head of the Greek god, strict


Choose the basic shape for the logo creation.

Degrees: rectangle, square, triangle, circle, diamond, oval, free-form.

prompt example: /generate prompt: bald eagle head, triangle

Negative Space

Negative space in logos refers to the empty or unoccupied areas within the design that form shapes or letters, often used strategically to enhance the visual impact and convey hidden meanings.

Degrees: negative space.

prompt example: /generate prompt: a woman with a long haircut, negative space


You can specify any color in the hex, RGB, and named formats (CSS standard).

With love, your Logolivery Team 💙

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